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16 Jul DCC bandwidth limit (ability to set it "on the fly"). Code: ?id= features&lang=en. Quote Originally Posted by TheDeathless. For the firewall: I have all ports unlocked on my PC, but mIRC is needed I must add it to the Exceptions in Windows Firewall??? it would be better to have all ports. 28 Mar I for one think that it would be pretty cool if the next version of mIRC allows you to be able to control the speeds of all of your xdcc's. I know I have had the problem of downloading something on irc and having it use almost all of my bandwidth preventing me from being able to surf the web and enjoy myself. # - 02/03/08 AM limit download speed. zebrax2 Offline Bowl of petunias. Registered: 02/03/ Posts: 2. is there anyway to limit my download speed in mirc since i like to play mmorpg so i can download while playing. Top.

# - 09/11/08 PM Limit Download Speed. AnimeOnMyMind Offline Bowl of petunias. Registered: 09/11/ Posts: 2. Hey, I'm having kind of a problem when I use Mirc to download something. Whenever I reach kb/s my router gives out on me and reboots.I'm guessing it's because I'm trying to get more from. 2 Sep I need to find a way to limit the bandwidth mirc's dcc is using, it is sucking all the available small connection I have here at the house (when it is. 25 Oct sounds impossible to me, you want to limit your speed? so one file gets done before another? you only have so much bandwith you can play with and so does the person you're getting the files from. Unless the person who owns the serv limit you on how much you can download from him/her with software.

if your friend is using a scripted version of mIRC chances are the script also includes bandwith controlls so your friend should also check any extra pull down menues for script specific options that might have bandwidth controls. if your friend does not seem to have anything limiting speed on his client then. 18 Mar You can limit bandwidth on any program incoming our outgoing and also limit by ip. For example in mIRC if i want to upload to somoene at full bandwidth and leave the other guy w/ 5KB/sec (if it's a popular file or there one is almost done, or wahtever reason). I can limit the one transfer to 5 and easily just. 19 Nov Hi, i am wondering if it is possible to limit my download speed when downloading files from other people on irc? I am on a small network and dont want to use all the bandwidth! So am i able to set my download speed to like 10kb/s? Thanks very much, toil. toil: Member Member: Posts: 2: Joined: Wed Nov.


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