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Writing applications that use the latest processor instructions introduces some new constraints and issues. In particular, many new instructions require that data must be aligned to byte boundaries. Additionally, by aligning frequently used data to the cache line size of a specific processor, you improve cache performance. 19 Oct Computer-assisted translation tools (CAT tools) are often used to facilitate the translation of projects, for which we need not only files but also a translation memory. Now, what happens when you have files in both languages of a certain language pair, we have no memory and still want to work with Trados to. Discussion among translators, entitled: Adding tm to WinAlign Window in Forum name: SDL Trados support. I am trying to move a memory into the project window, in WinAlign so that I can align them. This has not been productive, as when I align is to match up source and target files, Feb 4,

Discussion among translators, entitled: winalign with two word (*.docx) files. Forum name: SDL Trados support. WinAlign® console. % Centralized control of entire system. % Communicate directly with lift to set tire pressure and automatically operate turnplates and wheel alignment. % Often require a short drive be completed as part of the calibration. 0. Get accurate 3-axle wheel alignment readings in 4 min. with the WinAlign heavy duty alignment machine from Hunter Engineering. Contact a rep for a free demo.

3 Mar New (never used) - Hunter alignment machine updates. If you can use it and know how it works. I have webspecs codes also. Hunter WinAlign alignment system spec update available. CCJ Staff. | November 22, Hunter says its latest specification release to update WinAlign alignment systems for includes new light-vehicle specs and updated specs for older vehicles. Updates for Hunter's CodeLink reset make it capable of. FIGURE 25–30 Typical wheel adaptor alignment setup for trailer axle alignment: ( A) setup for rearmost axle alignment; and (B) setup for forward axle alignment. ( Courtesy of Hunter Engineering typical display screen is shown in Figure 25– This shows an initial analysis made by Hunter WinAlign software as displayed.


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