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Power planets game

[Link](?v=VpnJLsw1e4g) to what im talking about. I wish there was a single player mode or something. I loved the. Power Planets. Area/Code created this Facebook game for a Science Channel show that focused on real world energy issues. Power Planets is a simulation game where you balance the energy needs and environmental health of a miniature civilization. I served as lead developer on the game, working on the front end. Based of the flash game Power Planets, on Science Channel ([url=http://science. ]), this game will be about you being in total control of the power grid of a planet. Be un-ecofriendly, and make coal plants everywhere, or be a green-freak and have.

28 Jul Unhappy with the way the government is handling the environment? Fine -- see if you can do any better! Balance your economy vs the health and wellness of your planet, then pass it off to someone else and let them deal with the fallout -- just like in real life!. Area/Code's third Facebook game Power Planets is a resource management sim game with a fun social twist. In Power Planets you control the fate of your own miniature planet. Construct buildings to make your inhabitants happy and earn money and points. But buildings require energy to operate, so you must construct . 12 Oct Play the Power Planets game on ! | MyWeb4Ed.

A great game that seems simple at first but is pretty in depth. Initially I was pissed because you have to log into your facebook account to play. But part of the game is after two days your planet is passed onto someone else and you take on someone else's planet to take care of and further advance. It's just. For us, this was the ultimate lesson about values at play that we learned from the process of creating Power Planets. Games can explore the complicated and ambiguous world of values because they are dynamic models, simulations, and imaginary spaces and also because they function as stylized forms of social.


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